Marshall County test out new poll pads for primary election

Voting polls pads for Marshall County
Voting polls pads for Marshall County(waff)
Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 9:13 PM CST
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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Marshall County voters may find lines moving more quickly at the polls next week!

Scanning your drivers license and selecting your voters information will be the new procedure for voters using new poll pads.

Once your information is verified, you'll get a ticket to go vote.

“They have about 28 to 30 counties that are already using the poll pads, so we were wanting a way to make it more efficient and faster for the voters. We know their time is very valuable, they are in a hurry," said Marshall County Probate Judge, Andrea LeCroy.

Marshall County is testing the poll pads out for free thanks to the company KnoWINK. Poll workers also had the opportunity to receive training and received positive feedback.

“We had a diverse reaction and some were excited and some said we just don’t know if we can do this, we are not familiar with computers and electronics," said LeCroy.

Lecroy said what she love about the poll pads the most is that voters will have more privacy on their ballots.

“They turn it over to the voter and the voter picks which primary they would like to vote in. A lot of people just want that private and right now the clerk has to say which primary you would like to vote in. This gives the voter a little more privacy," said LeCroy.

Voters will have the opportunity to use the poll pads at First Baptist Church in Albertville, Midway Community Center in Arab and Ruth Volunteer Fire Department in Arab.

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