Mom: Student hand broken by bully; Huntsville parents want action

Mom: Student hand broken by bully; Huntsville parents want action

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A broken hand, a threatening note and claims that administrators aren’t doing anything about it. Three Huntsville City Schools parents spoke out to put an end to “a consistent and incessant problem” in the school system.

The students attend Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School.

None of the families knew each other before our reporting. Yet, they all independently came to WAFF 48 with the same story.

Perhaps the most severe case was Angel Gladys’ daughter. The 12-year-old was attacked in a bathroom Monday, according to Gladys, and now has a broken hand.

“This little girl choked my daughter, she was stomping her and she smacked her. I just feel like what else would she have done," questioned Gladys.

The 5th grader has been the target of bullying since she started going to MLK Elementary less than a month ago.

Gladys says school administrators were lackluster in their response to her daughters injuries and bullying claims.

“I’m not just speaking for my child," said Gladys. "There are a lot of parents and students going through the same situation.”

Chrystal Eggleston and Darius Burwell contacted WAFF 48 hours after Gladys to report bullying as well. They claim their son has been targeted at the same school -- MLK Elementary.

“We’ve been having problems with MLK since my child started," said Eggleston. “I worry about my child every single day.”

Tuesday, Eggleston and Burwell’s 5th grade son received a threatening handwritten note from his bully.

While it’s too graphic to transcribe, Eggleston explains. “They’re calling him the B-word, bums, rat, d-head - all type of stuff.”

The note ended with threats to beat him up this week.

Eggleston reports a lackluster response from school administrators.

“He tries to act like this doesn’t bother him, but I know it does," said Eggleston. “The response that you get from faculty and staff is, ‘Well, you’re child isn’t innocent in all of this. Does he tell you what he does?’ Yeah, he does. I understand that he may not be innocent in everything but these are kids."

“What provoked him to do that you all are saying he’s doing,” questioned the students father, Burwell.

Alesha Haygood also contacted WAFF 48 to report bullying at MLK Elementary.

Haywood claims her daughter has been bullied for three years. She says it’s gotten worse over the years.

“Every morning my baby is crying," said Haygood. "She doesn’t want to be here.”

The school system responded with the following statement:

“We are investigating the claims that have just been brought to our attention yesterday. HCS takes bullying seriously and encourages parents to notify us immediately when a bullying incident occurs.”

Gladys says she has plans to press charges against the student involved her daughters attack.

You can report bullying online to HCS by visiting your child’s school website. Here’s the link for MLK Elementary parents.

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