Tow-truck driver praised for pulling man out of burning car

VIDEO: Tow truck driver praised for rescuing man from burning car

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -A normal Wednesday night for Woody Anderson Ford Tow Truck Driver Jeremy Price took a dramatic turn.

He witnessed a car go airborne, flip, and land on its side, then it became engulfed in flames. The accident happened on February 12. Without hesitation, Price ran to the vehicle and pulled the driver from the car.

"It didn’t look good and also at the same time I wasn’t thinking what I need to do, I just knew that I had to get in and get somebody out. I didn’t want to leave someone burning in a car,” said Price.

Price’s courageous efforts didn’t stop at saving the driver’s life. He then ran to his truck and grabbed a fire extinguisher for the raging flames.

"I tried to extinguish it and keep it contained until the fire department showed up, but I used one extinguisher and it would go up and then I would use another one and it would ignite back and then go out,” said Price.

Shortly after the Monrovia Volunteer Fire Rescue arrived and assisted with the fire. Price said he believes it was fate and God that put him at the right place at the right time.

"Before I left that night I told my girlfriend I said hear lately I’ve been getting all these calls that’s way out, but after everything that happened I said I won’t complain about that anymore because I said God used me that night and put me there to do my job,” said Price.

The driver of the car walked away with minor cuts and bruises.

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