Kitchen Cops: Marshall Co. restaurant shuts down after abysmal score

Updated: Feb. 21, 2020 at 5:12 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The January 2020 report is in from Marshall County, and one business immediately jumped out at us. Jessy’s Tacos & Tortas in Guntersville scored a 39 - the lowest score we’ve seen in more than two years. In fact, we called the Marshall County Health Department to make sure there wasn’t a typo or error and found out more information. The score was confirmed, as was a report that the business owner surrendered their license.

Jessy’s had multiple critical violations: Raw meats at the wrong temperature, unlabeled cleaners, employees failing to wash hands, paper towels missing, dirty dishes being stored with clean ones, no certified manager being present, week old chicken soup and unsanitized utensils. The worst problem, according to the health department, was an issue with the building’s septic system, which was discharging onto the ground near the back of the building.

Jessy’s is closed until further notice as the business owner tries to get these issues resolved.

Elsewhere in Marshall County, the Food Basket on Sampson Circle in Albertville is written up for food temperature problems and no manager on duty. It scores an 83.

Jugos Naturales on Main Street in Albertville gets a 75. There was unapproved food in the freezer, unsanitized utensils, unlabeled cleaner and no paper towels in the restrooms. There was also an issue with the restaurant cooking foods other than what their permit allowed.

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In Madison County, the HG Country Food Mart in Hazel Green with hit with multiple critical violations and scored a 69. Among the problems - foods at the wrong temperature on the buffet, dirty dishes and glasses stored with clean ones, a sink blocked by a dishwasher and missing paperwork.

The Rice Box off University Drive has been given a notice that the health department intends to suspend it’s license if it doesn’t fix some problems. It scores an 81 because of an issue with the grease barrel spilling over near the dumpster and foods at the wrong temperature. Both of those issues were noted on February 11th and still not fixed during a followup inspection 3 days later.

Oh Shi on Jefferson Street in Huntsville had multiple foods at the wrong temperature, and was scored at 86.

The Oasis Jerk Center on Plummer Road scores an 85 because of an inaccurate food thermometer and broken handsink.

Viet Huong on Old Monrovia Road was docked points when inspectors saw an employee grabbing herbs and bean sprouts barehanded and putting them on a plate. It scores an 85.

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In the Shoals, the 2nd and 13 Sports Bar and Grill set the low score in Colbert County with an 86. It was written up for missing paper towels and a dirty can opener that had to be cleaned.

The Waffle House on Florence Boulevard in Florence scores an 82 because of improperly stored cleaners and missing safety paperwork. That was the lowest score in Lauderdale County.

The Foodland on Highway 101 in Rogersville also had improperly stored chemicals and scored an 89.

Whitt’s of Ardmore on Highway 72 in Rogersville scores a 90 after inspectors found food that wasn’t marked with a date.

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In Morgan County, Rock N Roll Sushi on Beltline Road is hit with an 83 because of meat, chicken and rice held at the wrong temperature and rubbing alcohol left on a prep table.

The OH! Bryan’s on Main Street in Hartselle is given an 86. It’s biggest violation was missing paper towels at handwashing sinks.

Three different businesses were given an 87 score this week. Gyro Uno on 2nd Avenue in Decatur had dirty soda nozzles, Hibachi Express on 6th Avenue had improper cooling procedures for rice and Camino Real on 6th Avenue had three broken wire drippers in use.

The Wendy’s on Highway 72 near I-65 in Athens was the lowest score in Limestone County. It’s given an 85 because of hot water problems and a broken knife being used in the kitchen.

James’s Foot Mart in Tanner gets an 87 due to missing drying devices at handwashing sinks and raw products not being properly separated during storage.

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