Teens injured in rollover crash prompt a study of ‘dangerous’ Limestone County intersection

Teens injured in rollover crash prompt a study of ‘dangerous’ Limestone County intersection

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Officers are investigating a two-car crash Tuesday that pushed a car off an embankment, right into a creek upside down in east Limestone County. Now, neighbors are asking commissioners to make this “dangerous” intersection safer.

The wreck happened near the Capshaw Road and McCulley Mill intersection.

Right now, traffic flowing down Capshaw Road has the right of way. McCulley Mill traffic has a stop sign as they must yield before proceeding.

Residents tell WAFF 48 News they’ve counted more wrecks in the last three to four weeks than ever before.

“In one crash we did hear the screeching and the hit," described Terry Nichols. He has lived on Capshaw for five years.

Amanda Starr’s daughter was a driver in Tuesday’s crash. Her vehicle was t-boned as she pulled onto Capshaw Road from McCulley Mill. The force from the other vehicle spun her car around and flipped it as she careened off an embankment into a body of water.

“It was rainy and foggy," explained Starr. "To walk up and see her car upside down with how fast the water was moving, it was a miracle they got out by themselves.”

Some have suggestions of slower speed limits and guardrails. Both Nichols and Starr say making it a 4-way intersection is the solution.

Within the last month or so, the commissioner for district 2, Steve Turner, says they have installed warning signs of the intersection and lights on larger stop signs.

As a result of the recent wreck and growing concern from residents, Turner says he will have county engineers perform a study to see what more can be done.

In the meantime, Turner says drivers must obey traffic signs posted and proceed with an abundance of caution.

"I"m sorry if it’s an inconvenience for people driving down this road to stop and whatever but there are a lot of smart people in this town...they can hopefully figure it out," stated Starr.

The teens involved in the wreck all walked away, however, one may undergo surgery on her shoulder.

No word on any charges in that crash.

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