“Sons of the American Revolution” work to honor Founding Fathers

Monday is Presidents Day!

Monday is Presidents Day!

(WAFF) - Monday is Presidents Day, a day when we proudly honor our nation’s leaders and the immense sacrifices they made for our country.

As a way to continue their legacy, the Sons of the American Revolution work to educate the public on who these brave individuals were.

“We teach history,” says Jim Maples, a member of the organization. “Young people don’t learn history in school anymore. You have to learn the founding of your country to understand where we came from.”

Maples is also a bloodline descendant of a man who served alongside President George Washington at Valley Forge. In the interview above, he is wearing a replica of the uniform his ancestor would have worn and holding an authentic 1766 musket. To learn more about these pieces of history, click on the interview above!

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