First reponders facing delays due to closure of HWY 231 near Lacey’s Spring

First reponders facing delays due to closure of HWY 231 near Lacey’s Spring
First responders face delays due to road closure (Source: waff)

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) -It’s been three days since Highway 231 near Lacey’s Spring has been closed.

Construction crews were able to work on removing the asphalt and concrete from the damaged road.

Right now, there are detours because the Highway is blocked off for more than a mile.

In fact, the Brindlee Mountain Fire Department has not been able to respond to some service calls.

“If we have something on Husky Mountain we won’t be able to get to it from our side without taking the detour that everybody is having to take, so that's why I have Lacey's Spring fire department so they are going to catch that side for us,” said Brindlee Mountain Fire Chief, Eric Whisenant.

Whisenant said although they have help from surrounding agencies, they have seen delays.

"Early in the morning traffic is a lot heavier on the north end of the area especially going through the Union Hill area so it’s kind of bottleneck traffic in that area,” said Whisenant.

Mike Swafford with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said they're being hit with delays during rush hour traffic.

"Now it's probably added one or two minutes and we are working to get that back down from where we are staging from, but you know just getting stuck in traffic like everyone else is,” said Swafford.

Because of the huge cracks in the middle of Highway 231, deputies said they're stretched thin with resources.

"We've had to shift the student resource officers responsibilities to in the mornings and afternoons to be able to get people in an out of those buildings from the buses and car rider lines,” said Swafford.

Deputies, with the Morgan County Sheriff Office, said with the highway closed, they’ve also seen a lot more drivers speeding.

To solve the issue, Swafford said they will have more deputies out Monday to ensure drivers are obeying the speed limit.

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