Drivers react to Highway 231 road closure near Lacey’s Spring

Drivers react to Highway 231 road closure near Lacey’s Spring

LACEY’S SPRING, Ala. (WAFF) - Highway 231 near Lacey’s Spring is still closed after a massive crack appeared in the road because of heavy rainfall last week.

Joanie Whisenant lives nearby on Husky Mountain Road.

She said since the detour, now she has to go out of her way just get home.

“Even if we go to Huntsville, we come back up the wrong way of course that’s the only way we can come back to the house and I work in Morgan City and I have to go through that," said Whisenant.

Morgan Wurster’s parents also live nearby. She said what was once a five-minute commute from work to home has turned into an hour.

“The morning that it happened my mom was driving him and she was like ‘what the heck is going on’ and she actually made it across the mountain, but on the way back she actually had to go through and figure out a new way to get home because there was no way to get back," said Wurster.

James Puckett, who is a truck driver, has also felt the impact of the detours.

“On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I start in Huntsville then I go to Arab and end in Decatur. So now I’m going to have to turn here on 36 and take a detour which is going to take me 30 minutes outside of my route," said Puckett.

Drivers say they hope the highway will be repaired soon, but DOT officials say it will remain closed until they are able to get the road fixed again.

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