Floodwaters impacting roads around Lacey’s Spring

Floodwaters impacting roads around Lacey’s Spring

LACEY’S SPRING, Ala. (WAFF) - If you live in Lacey’s Spring in Morgan County, keep an eye on water levels there. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place *in case* you need to get out.

Several roads in Lacey’s Spring are covered with water that you need to know about.

First is Old River Road to Cold Stream Road. Cold Stream Road has been flooded for days, however, this is the highest water levels since last February.

Also, Valley Street is underwater.

Morgan County deputies, the rescue squad, special teams equipped for water rescues and even volunteer fire departments are all on standby.

Mike Swafford with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office says people in Lacey’s Spring know it’s going to flood. He said homeowners have to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice, especially in weather like this.

“You think you may know an area and then at night you get swept away, and you may be in a big old field and you think you’re in a road and you’re not. It makes it difficult for rescuers to come and get people that make bad decisions,” said Danny Kelso with the Morgan County Rescue Squad.

Kelso says as it gets dark, the risk for traveling is much higher.

“People don’t need to travel at night. It just makes things worse because in the county there’s no street lights," he said.

The rescue squad and sheriff's office recommend you make a plan IF an evacuation is necessary.

“It is probably time to think about going somewhere else. It is not an evacuation at this point, but you know your area, you know what can happen. Now is the time to make decisions to put you in the best situation to stay safe," Swafford said.

If you come across barricades or signs that say high water, especially in the dark, please turn around. It’s for your safety.

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