Fundraiser held for Hazel Green teens recovering from fire

Fundraiser for injured students

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - The Hazel Green community came together on Saturday to support two of their own students on the road to recovery.

For the past two months, Natalie Prescott has been recovering from her injuries at Vanderbilt Hospital. She and James Boyle suffered severe burns while out a barn fire in November.

Now, Natalie is home and still recovering, which is something her father, William Prescott, says he is thankful for.

“Well since the day that it happened right away people in this community started coming together planning events and fundraisers from the super bowl and national championships like LSU. It’s been phenomenal.” says Prescott.

To help both James and Natalie with medical costs, community members organized a craft fair, food truck rally and silent auction in their honor.

“Seeing everybody come together and support both of them and especially Natalie just her moving here...she didn’t really know that many people and the whole community came together to support her.”

"You really just don't know when something tragic like this is going to happen in our community and seeing everybody come together during this tragic time is just really rewarding."

Boyle remains in ICU and will have to receive prosthetics for his hands.

As for Natalie, William says she will have to have more surgeries. She will be fitted for comprehension garments every week. She will be going through occupational therapy, physical therapy, and psychiatric therapy, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Event organizers tell WAFF 48 they raised over $4,000 at Saturday’s event.

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