National Wear Red Day for heart health turns focus on women’s health

48 morning crew wears red for heart health

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) The 48 morning team decked out in variations of red Friday morning, because it’s National Wear Red Day!

Today the 48 crew is decked out in red to promote women's heart health.
Today the 48 crew is decked out in red to promote women's heart health. (Source: WAFF)

It’s all about promoting heart health, and raising awareness for cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in both men and women, but there’s way less research on heart disease among women.

Dr. Srayva Chirumamilla, MD, FACC at Huntsville Hospital tells us it's a largely because women are so underrepresented in medical studies.

She says heart studies are made up of only 25 percent women. And therefore there is less understanding of heart disease for women. That’s why she says it’s crucial we know about preventive measures to lower your chance of cardiovascular disease.

“When we put in a defibrillator that helps increases the contractility women tend to do better, but they're offered that device less than men. So we need to be really mindful of the biases in medicine and advocate for ourselves,” she said.

Dr. Chirumamilla says it’s very important to be proactive for the health of your heart. She says scaling back how much meat you eat is a great way to do this, and she suggests trying 'meatless Mondays’ to start.

National Wear Red Day

And when you do eat meat, she says to try to stick to chicken, turkey or fish. Dr. Chirumamilla says quitting smoking, exercising and getting plenty of sleep are important as well.

“Women all too often think it’s a men’s disease. It’s in older men. That’s all we see in the movies. We don’t really think about it affecting us. We don’t think, ‘oh I’m 30 I just had a baby. I’m short of breath, it’s not something due to my heart.’ We just think ‘I’m tried because I just had a baby,’ but it could be something more serious like Cardiomyopathy,” Chirumamilla said.

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