Flooded streets in Madison County; water rescues throughout the day

Flooded streets in Madison County; water rescues throughout the day

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - If you live in Madison County, your morning commute might have been rough as some streets turned to rivers, and there's still a lot of high water.

Agencies across the county are reminding people to stay vigilant while driving and obey all road signs while the high water recedes.

Barricades popping up along flooded roads across the county, but rescue crews were still busy trying to save people who didn't listen and thought their vehicle could make it through the deep waters.

Flooded roads and pools of water reported in many parts of the county. Officials told WAFF 48 News some of the roads got worse throughout the day.

Our cameras were rolling when a man got his sport utility vehicle stuck in high waters on Homer Nance Road. Rescue crews tell us he drove around the barricades and got stuck in the middle. They spent about an hour working to rescue him.

The man was OK, just a little embarrassed, but fire officials said things could have been a lot worse.

“Hypothermia is a big concern we have. The water may not look like it is moving that fast but it can wash a vehicle off of the roadway. The ditches on the side of the road here are deeper than in other places so if you do get off the roadway it will get deeper a whole lot quicker so it could be life threatening,” said Zachary Trulson with Moores Mill Fire and Rescue.

Police can write tickets if a driver goes around these barricades. Insurance companies typically won’t pay for damages if you drive through flood waters.

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