Valley school districts opposing school calendar bill before it’s been filed

Valley school districts opposing school calendar bill before it’s been filed

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Valley school districts are concerned Thanksgiving plans for its families are at stake this legislative session in Montgomery.

The Alabama Association of Schools Boards (AASB) created a website stating a bill is coming that will unify all public school districts under one schedule window.

No such bill has been filed yet, but the website states:

“We’re hearing the tourism and summer camp industries are going to push hard and soon this legislative session for a longer summer by requiring the school year start after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day.”

A potential consequence of such a move could be the removal of fall Break and other days off.

Sen. Sam Givhan, R-Madison County, Huntsville City Schools board member Elisa Ferrell and Madison City Schools spokesman John Peck said Sen. David Sessions, R-Mobile County, and Rep. Steve Hurst, R-Talladega County, are behind the bill.

Sessions and Hurst have not respond to a request for comment.

On its website, the AASB has a sample resolution condemning any move to unify state school calendars.

In the Valley, Sheffield City Schools passed the resolution.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker said his district is scheduled to do the same, and Madison County Schools Superintendent Allen Perkins is reaching out to local lawmakers to oppose any bill.

Ferrell said Huntsville City Schools would be making a statement on the bill the next board meeting.

Huntsville mother Karen White said North Alabama leaders should be making the call for Valley schools.

“We need to let them be the ones making the decisions for our school system. Not someone who is on the south end of state who know nothing about what’s going on in north Alabama, in Huntsville.”

Madison schools mother Amanda Gottlieb said longer summers would mean more catch up during the fall.

"If you can minimize the amount of sliding time then you can minimize the catch up time, and then you can get into the meat of the school year, and that's awesome, that's great."

Whether their efforts kill the bill before it's filed, remains to be seen.

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