Madison County probate court launches new program to help with mental health

Madison County probate court launches new program to help with mental health
New mental health program in Madison Country (Source: waff)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -If you know someone suffering with mental illness a new program in Madison County is now available.

Madison County Probate Judge Frank Barger knows how important it is to help those who suffer from mental illness.

That's why the probate court is partnering with Wellstone Behavioral Health to create an Assisted Outpatient Treatment program.

"Last year, we committed involuntarily over 300 individuals in Madison County. More than half of those persons have seen us in previous cases, so we want to create a system that provides a good outpatient support,” said Judge Barger.

The program will focus on intensive case management and will include a case manager and therapist.

Participants will report every 30 days for up to 150 days and assessments will be done at Huntsville hospital.

"So daily if necessary, follow ups, telephone calls, are patients compliant with there are they making therapy appointments, if they are employed or live alone there will be specific follow ups for that as is,” said Judge Barger.

Judge Barger said he is hoping to break the stigma of mental health and create more resources to help support everyone in need through the program.

"It is as critical an issue as heart disease and cancer. So, for me I want to see what we can do on a local level to reduce those people that we see far too frequently to see if this program supports them,” said Judge Barger.

Judge Barger said if you’re interested in the program, you can contact an attorney and they’ll determine if you’re eligible for the program.

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