Decatur hoping improved litter grates will prevent flooding

Decatur hoping improved litter grates will prevent flooding
A mostly full "Litter Gitter" collects waste in Clark Spring Branch near Wilson Morgan Park (Source: Dan Busey)

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Decatur city leaders are investing in tools that they hope will cut down on flooding in high risk areas.

Litter is an often overlooked problem when it comes to flooding. Drainage systems can quickly become overwhelmed by trash and debris carried along by rushing water.

Decatur bought 10 specialized grates designed to prevent the problem last year. They’ve had mixed success. Now, our news partners at the Decatur Daily say the city is setting aside another $50,000 to buy more advanced grates this year. “We’ll probably be able to put out another 10 to 15,” City Engineer Carl Prewitt said. “It’s hard to say because the bigger grates cost more.”

City sanitation engineers say they’re clearing the grates about once every 8 to 10 days.

To read more about the program, and the problems that the city is dealing with to make the grates work, pick up a copy of Monday’s Decatur Daily.

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