Huntsville International Airport courting Southwest Airlines

Huntsville International Airport courting Southwest Airlines

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Southwest will soon take flight from Huntsville International Airport.

Last week, the airport was named the country’s best small airport by USA Today. The airport’s public relations team is now trying to take advantage of the recognition and team up with Southwest. But their approach is anything but ordinary.

“We kind of hinted at ‘Hey, Southwest,’ and it kind of just took a life of its own," said airport public relations manager Jana Kuner.

Kuner has sent some tweets naming Southwest. Some are innocent comments.

“We sent a simple tweet to say congratulations, Southwest, and in that tweet we also said, ‘Hey, we kind of look good together’ and used the song by Carly Rae Jepsen that says call me, maybe, just to be cute and add a little fun to the tweet," said Kuner.

But the relationship sped up quickly and rounded several bases with other posts like this one.

The Huntsville airport public relations team says they’ll keep spreading the love until Valentine’s Day.

Travelers say their love campaign is working.

“I think they’re awesome. I think they’re eye-catching. I think it’s a great way to try to seek that connection with Southwest," said Kramer Cider.

Huntsville International Airport currently has five airlines you can choose to use when you travel, but Kuner says there’s room for more. There’s enough ticket counters, gates and runways if Southwest wants to move in.

She says it’s a win-win for everyone involved and no one is getting cheated on, especially paying customers.

“When Frontier came to the market in 2018, they started to serve a leisure traveler so they’re not competing with each other. They’re all thriving. Passenger numbers are up, it’s good for everybody," Kuner said.

“I fly with Southwest all the time. A couple months ago, we flew out from Nashville and it would be really nice to have Southwest here in Huntsville so the people who want to fly with Southwest don’t have to drive for an hour to Nashville, Birmingham or Atlanta," said Cider.

Huntsville International Airport is throwing a ball on March 7 to show airline officials across the country what they have to offer. They hope Southwest is front and center. Only time will tell.

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