Huntsville High School student arrested following social media threat

Huntsville High School student arrested following social media threat

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A Huntsville High School student was arrested at school Wednesday after school administrators say that student made a threatening social media post.

Police say they found knives in the student’s car.

The student was arrested and escorted off campus.

Huntsville High School administrators sent out a statement to inform parents about the arrest.

“Please be mindful of anything your student may have on their person, in their backpack or vehicle. I also encourage you to monitor your student’s social media. We appreciate the students for bringing this to our attention so that we could take proactive measures to ensure our school’s safety – See something, Say something,” Principal Aaron King said in the statesmen.

Huntsville police say the 16-year-old student was charged with possession of a deadly weapon on school property.

According to police, school resource officers were informed of a TikTok video where the student was making threats. The student who made and posted video took the video down within a short amount of time due to criticism by his fellow students.

Investigators contacted the district attorney’s office. All agreed that this incident did not reach the criteria for a terrorist threat charge because there was no disruption to the school’s normal routine, as required by law.

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