Manufacturing certification class booming at Calhoun Community College

Manufacturing Class at Calhoun

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -2020 has brought an overwhelming response for people looking to better their lives through education at Calhoun Community College.

An instructor at Calhoun says they are adding more classes and moving into bigger rooms.
An instructor at Calhoun says they are adding more classes and moving into bigger rooms. (Source: WAFF)

And some of those students are getting to do so for free.

Nationally we're seeing a boom in skilled trades jobs and the demand in Huntsville is rising. A coordinator for the CPT class at Calhoun says community colleges have been given the responsibility to respond to the demand for these jobs in Huntsville.

Instructor and coordinator Phyllis Atwood says companies in the area like Mazda Toyota are ramping up the interviewing process. So she’s getting her students ready.

The manufacturing class she teaches is an eight to 10 week course. Atwood says the course lets students explore multiple paths in the manufacturing industry The class is free for people who meet the income requirement, but Atwood says there are other scholarship opportunities.

Students come twice a week and have online coursework and homework. And she says they are able to work around many different peoples’ schedules with multiple class times.

She also says she recognizes the courage it takes to start school or go back to school and doesn't want people to be give up if they don't get in right away.

“I don’t want anyone to be discouraged because they did not hear back from us in enough time. What they thought they missed out because of that January 21 date. There are many, many more classes coming down the road,” Atwood said.

A new group of students will start in February. You can take classes in Huntsville or Decatur.

Atwood says they are moving her class into a bigger room to respond to the demand. You can find more information on the course and how to apply here.

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