Limestone County Schools gets 30 new buses, restocking its fleet

Limestone County Schools gets 30 new buses

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - At the start of this school year, temperatures outside were steadily in the 90s.

With more than half of the buses without air conditioning, a majority of kids in Limestone County Schools went to and from schools in hot buses. That won’t happen when it warms up again because the district just bought 30 brand new buses.

“Automatically we’re going to double, nearly double our number of buses with air,” Transportation Director Rusty Bates said.

Bates says now more than half of the buses in the fleet are air conditioned.

There are also new safety features including more lights to make the buses visible to other cars, traction control, and tapered seats made for kids carrying backpacks.

“Our board is looking at a 10-year plan that they’ve adopted. You’re talking about 30 buses next year, then we’d drop back to purchase only 10 each additional year after that to get us back on track and keep us where we need to be," Bates explained.

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