Kerryon Johnson gives back to north Alabama

KJ gives back

Kerryon Johnson gives back to north Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Kerryon Johnson has never forgotten where he’s from.

The north Alabama native started his Kerryon Johnson Impact Foundation while playing for the Detroit Lions. The foundation has helped individuals and families throughout north Alabama. During the NFL season, Johnson wanted to make impact with young people in our community from the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama by bringing kids to a Detroit Lions home game.

To continue his efforts of service, Johnson had an idea prior to the 2019 NFL season: bringing youngsters from north Alabama to a game during the season in Detroit.

But the youngsters wanting to go, there was work involved, quality, community-driven work.

"The board and I came up with a criteria, and there were three criteria they had to meet. Write an oral essay, a hundred and fifty words, and we gave them topics to choose from,” said Kerryon Johnson’s mother, Natalie Johnson. “And they had to do 15 hours of community service work, and they had to do an oral presentation. So first they had to the written, then their community service, and then their oral. We started out with 30 kids, and we ended up with twelve, and we’re very proud of those twelve.”

Those that made the commitment could only imagine what a pro football game would be live.

Kerryon’s Foundation brought those 12 youngsters to Detroit the weekend of the Lions Kansas City game. And as one would imagine, through the eyes of those youngsters, the game meat all expectations and then some. Memories that will last a lifetime, and motivate those for future greatness.

“We know it takes a village to pour into a young person. So, knowing that he received from the community and gives back, it means a lot,” said North Alabama Boys & Girls director Harold Weatherly. “Kerryon has always been about kids,”

“He’s always been around kids. as competitive as he is, he always wants them to succeed. So, I’m very happy, I’m happy at the man he’s turning out to be, and the fact that he wants to give back to the community,” said Natalie Johnson.

Johnson will be in town this Friday at Madison Academy, his alma mater, where he will sign autographs from 5-7 p.m. during the Mustangs high school basketball games.

And during halftime of the boys Mustangs game, Johnson will attempt a half-court shot for $10,000 to benefit the Linc enrichment program.

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