Nonprofit wants to build a zoo in north Alabama

Nonprofit wants to build a zoo in north Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A new Facebook page with 6,900 likes, 7,100 followers and one promise: to bring a zoo to north Alabama.

WAFF 48 News talked exclusively with the man behind the social media campaign to find out how he’ll deliver and your reactions.

“This is not a proposal this is not a hypothetical, we’re bringing a zoo to north Alabama,” said Ethan Woodruff, board chairman of the North Alabama Zoological Society.

That’s the same promise you’ll find on the North Alabama Zoological Society’s website. Their Facebook page is currently going viral with thousands of people weighing in, mostly excited about one day seeing a zoo built in the area.

“I believe bringing a zoo to Huntsville would be very beneficial to all the children, all the families who need to go out and find something else to do that’s not two, three, or four hours away,” said Denise Sosnowski.

“I think it would be really good for our families,” said Savannah Pedersen.

Ethan Woodruff is the board chairman of the North Alabama Zoological Society. His organization even put up a billboard on North Memorial Parkway to let you know about the plans for a zoo in the greater Huntsville metro area.

“It’s been a wonderful thing to see everybody’s excitement and it actually just goes to validate what we thought initially that the community wants this the community is waiting for this,” said Woodruff.

Zoo’s are not cheap! Ethan says bringing a zoo to our area is a big task, but it’s not impossible. He thinks a zoo will be a magnet attracting people from around the world to call North Alabama home.

“A zoo on that checklist for the people looking to move here is just another great thing that says you know what they have a zoo yeah we can go to Huntsville and live and that’s what we want to provide as a service to the community,” said Woodruff.

The North Alabama Zoological Society is a nonprofit organization and they’re working with corporate sponsors to bring a zoo closer to you. Construction won’t start for a couple years.

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