Cook Museum of Natural Science nominated for best in country by USA Today

The museum opened seven months ago and it’s already getting national recognition

Cook Museum of Natural Science nominated for best in country by USA Today

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - The Cook Museum of Natural Science in Decatur is nominated as one of the top 10 best new museums in the country, according to USA Today.

The Decatur museum opened its doors to thousands of people last summer, and is still seeing hundreds of visitors each week.

“This is huge for us because there are some pretty big cities on that list, like New York and other places like that, so for Decatur, Alabama to be on the list is huge for any museum in Alabama to be considered. The fact we didn’t pitch this to them, they came to us, that speaks a lot," PR director Mike Taylor said.

Taylor says the feedback they’ve gotten is mind-blowing, and says the kids absolutely love it.

First-grader Blake Russell came to Cook Museum on opening day. He’s been more than a dozen times since.

“I was like, this is my jam because you know I like discovering stuff," Blake explained.

Blake says he wasn’t surprised at all when Cook Museum was nominated for best museum in the country.

He says he’s learned so much just from coming here.

“It’s all science, and I learned science and I wanna get science books for my birthday, you know I like science, and I’ve never done science. And that’s why I’m coming here a bunch to learn about science," Blake said.

Taylor says it’s amazing to see the growth of the museum in just a few short months.

“You have every one of your departments doing full capacity at what they wanted to start doing, and it’s really exciting to see. Then you get national recognition in the midst of it, it’s just a good time to be at the museum," Taylor continued.

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