Two popular Mexican restaurants at the bottom of the score sheet: Your January 17th, 2020 Kitchen Cops Report

Madison County Kitchen Cops January 17th, 2020

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - After a few slow weeks during the holidays, the Kitchen Cops are back in full force. In fact, Madison County had more than 105 inspections this week alone.

Chuy’s was highly anticipated when it opened on Bob Wallace Avenue last year. But, it’s first inspection of 2020 did not go well. It earned an 82 because of a dirty ice machine, dirty tea nozzles, dirty plates stored with clean ones and foods at the wrong temperature.

The lowest score this week in Madison County belongs to Buena Vista Cantina on Highway 72 in Madison. It earned a 75 due to foods a the wrong temperature and clogged pipes that resulted in water backing up onto the floor. When inspectors asked to speak to someone in charge, no one stepped forward.

Mei Wei on Pelham Avenue scored an 84 due to misdated foods.

The McAllister’s Deli at Perimeter Parkway and University Drive scored an 85 for food temperature problems and a broken knob on the hot water at the sink.

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Marshall County Kitchen Cops - January 16th, 2020

In Marshall County, we received a breakdown for all the inspections in the month of December. You can see the full list for yourself at the bottom of this story.

Some of the notable issues in Marshall County include unapproved eggs at the Cafe 336 in Guntersville. It also was written up for ham and cheese in the first past it’s “use by” date. It’s score was 82.

The Double Bridges Grocery in Boaz bombed it’s inspection and scored a 65. It lost points for undated barbecue in the fridge, dirty soda nozzles, unsanitized utensils and a broken water line at one of the sinks leaking onto the ground.

The Homecoming Cafe in Langston had food temperature issues, no hot water at a sink, unlabeled chemicals and safety certificates that expired in July.

In Limestone County, Mi Casa on Kelli Drive in Athens has the lowest score of the week with an 86. Inspectors found dirty soda nozzles and foods without date marks.

There was also an issue with undated foods at Lucia’s on West Market Street. It scores a 90.

The Marathon Mini Mart at 1100 Highway 72 in Athens scores an 87 due to a cracked mixing bowl and missing hand drying devices at sinks.

In Morgan County, there are three spots all tied for the lowest score, with each earning an 85:

The 14th Street Food Mart was missing soap and toilet paper in the restroom, and had chicken at the wrong temperature.

The Citgo on Old Moulton Road was written up for mildew in the ice maker and corn dogs at the wrong temperature.

And the Whitt’s Barbecue on Spring Avenue had toxic chemicals improperly stored.

The scores in Colbert County were mostly good. The only hiccup was a 91 at the Pizza Hut on Woodward Avenue for a grease spill.

In Franklin County, the Backwoods Grill and Fish Camp in Phil Campbell gets an 81 due to lettuce without date marks, cleaners improperly stored in the bathroom and missing paperwork.

There were several issues in Lauderdale County this week - starting at FloBama which earned an 88 because of food temperature issues and employees not properly trained in food safety courses.

Curtis Restaurant on Highway 43 lost points for improper chemical storage, and scores an 87.

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