Pell City High School student starts ‘prayer locker’

Prayer locker at Pell City High School

PELL CITY, Ala. (WBRC) - A Pell City High School student has started a prayer locker to meet the needs she sees among her classmates.

While a number of studies substantiate the benefits of prayer, a Pell City High School student is offering prayer to her fellow students. Students deal with anxiety, depression, and just pressures associated with being a teenager.

16-year-old Brianna Farris wanted to help. She says she heard about prayer lockers at other schools and was excited to bring it her school. As long as it was student initiated, administrators had no problem with her request.

She pulls one note out of the locker and reads it. “This one says pray for my mom, she is very sick, which is uplifting because it lets me know people trust me with things like that.”

It’s been a couple months now. “Within the first week, I probably got ten prayers in the locker which is more than I expected. So, I like take them home and I’d pray for them and then on Sunday’s my church also has a prayer request thing. So I write the prayer requests down and put them in the basket at church,” said Farris.

The prayer locker is located right outside the library. The instructions say you don’t have to give your name.

“I keep all the prayers that I get in a little bag. So I’ll just like have them with me at all times so if it hasn’t happened yet, I can still be praying for it,” said Farris.

Brianna says administrators were first worried someone might include mean notes in the locker, but Brianna assured them it wouldn’t phase her. “So if someone were to write a bad note, I would still be praying for them even if they were to do something mean towards me about the prayer locker or something like that,” said Farris.

We asked Brianna if sometimes she thinks ‘this is a tough one, I don’t know about this one?’ She said, “No, I actually don’t because I know God can answer prayers and so I am like, OK God, me and you got this.”

Brianna says she wishes she had started this as a freshman because she could have helped more people.

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