Madison County bus driver shortage means long waits for students

Madison County bus driver shortage means long waits for students

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Attention parents, if your child attends Madison County Schools it’s possible their ride home from school may take an hour.

The Madison County school district has plenty of buses, but they currently don’t have enough bus drivers. There’s a shortage of 12 drivers and that’s creating some big problems and delays for students getting home and also getting to school in the morning.

“It seems like more of the issues are in the afternoon and yes, some of the students have been a little bit later getting home,” said Assistant Superintendent Jeff Malone.

WAFF talked with parents and grandparents whose kids attend Buckhorn High School and they say buses not on time is an issue, but it’s the elementary school children their concerned about.

“I have two teenage grandchildren, they’re teens, they’ll occupy themselves, it does not matter to them. However, I think there is a little concern with the younger children having to standout, parents that need to go to work, not knowing when exactly their children will be picked up,” said Sally Jacobs.

A ride home on the bus for some students at Madison County Schools has taken as long as an hour, as a result of the current bus driver shortage and drivers needing to take several trips.

14 people are currently being trained to hopefully fill the school districts void. The process will take a month.

February is also when parents can download an app to monitor the school bus routes.

“The county is about to roll out an app that will also keep all the parents aware of things so that way if a child is going to be 30 minutes getting home, the principal can go in and send a message to one bus specifically,” said Jacobs.

If you want to apply to become a bus driver for the Madison County School District, here’s the link you can use to apply.

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