Staff begins moving out of tornado-ravaged Brindlee Mountain Primary School

Staff begins moving out of tornado-ravaged Brindlee Mountain Primary School

UNION GROVE, Ala. (WAFF) - Dozens of school teachers, principals and staff in one Marshall County school district are acting as a moving company. Teachers must clear out their classrooms after Saturday’s devastating EF2 tornado.

It’s packing day for teachers at Brindlee Mountain Primary School. A lot of supplies are out in the open and what teachers were not able to box up, Mother Nature may have damaged as a result of Tuesday’s rain.

“We did the best we could to get the materials out and to save what we could save before the rain did damage the remaining materials we could get to,” said superintendent Cindy Wigley.

We talked with some teachers who say they lost supplies and are now out a lot of money.

“I know that’s a huge worry. A lot of personal things were lost because teachers spend a lot of their own personal money,” said Lori Robles.

Teachers boxed up items that can still be used and filled the school’s gym. Dozens of school employees then spent several hours hauling all of the items into semi-trailers that will be taken to Brindlee Mountain Middle School where the 250 students and teachers will be relocated. Even the school’s SRO had to box up his belongings, but he doesn’t have it as bad as most other teachers.

“I have emptied out my office all of the surveillance cameras and computers and monitors and put it in my car and I’ll transport it later over to the new school,” said Deputy Ken Baker.

School administrators are now collecting items and asking for donations to help the teachers who lost the most.

“I know a lot of my friends who are teachers here they’re really scrambling. I know they’re really depending on a lot of donations from people,” said Robles.

If you want to help the school teachers rebuild their classrooms and restock their shelves and their cabinets with books and supplies, you can make a donation at Citizens Bank.

Despite the tragedy, several businesses and individuals are already reaching out making donations. The superintendent says money will first be used to help teachers replace the personal items they lost.

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