Family: Huntsville mom murdered by ex-boyfriend who was harassing her

Updated: Jan. 10, 2020 at 10:05 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - 46-year old Cornett Evans is dead after killing himself in Birmingham Friday.

His suicide came after the murder of his ex-girlfriend, threats to V.A. facilities in Huntsville and Birmingham and a statewide manhunt.

Huntsville police say they were called to 42-year-old Rene Moore’s home the night before she was murdered. But according to them, it was not for the reason you may think.

They referred to it as a peaceful call from Evans to help recover something at Moore’s home that belonged to him.

However, her family says his true intentions were to continue to harass Moore and that it was the beginning of the end for their loved one.

In the months leading up to Moore’s murder, her family says she was constantly harassed and tormented by an ex-boyfriend who police say ultimately became her killer.

Neighbors say Evans was parked outside her Huntsville apartment the day of her death. The family believes he was waiting for her to return home.

He first tried to confront Moore’s daughter, according to her sister. When she got home, there was a confrontation and Moore was shot.

Her daughter was close by, running, screaming and pleading for help.

Moore's death was the beginning of the end for Evans.

The motive for the murder is not known. Neither is the reason for the threats against V.A. facilities in Huntsville and Birmingham and prompted a massive statewide search.

For Moore, the love affair with Evans was long over before the day he showed up at her apartment. For Evans, it ended that day with him taking her life, according to police, and him later taking his own life at a Birmingham motel sometime later.

Moore is survived by three adult children, a sister and so many more still grappling with her death.

Her family says she was an engineer tech in Huntsville who worked hard and loved even harder.

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