Woman killed in Lauderdale County floodwaters

Woman killed in Lauderdale County floodwaters

ANDERSON, Ala. (WAFF) - A woman is dead after her car got carried away by flood waters in Lauderdale County.

Anderson Assistant Fire Chief Scott Childers said she called 911 as she was being swept off county road 50 near 207. And her mother went after her.

Lauderdale County coroner Butch Tucker identified the victim as 20-year-old Jenna Elizabeth Williams.

“The daughter had went the Dollar General down here and the mother was trying to reach her and could not make contact so the mother came out to locate her," said Anderon Fire Chief Joey Phillips.

Phillips said Williams’ mother ignored a warning sign in order to try to save her daughter.. but Phillips says she got swept away too.

“At that particular time when the mother was swept away there was a sign in place and there was a county deputy up there," Phillips said.

Phillips says it took six departments and two hours to save the mother. And shortly after they found her daughters car further down the river, with her body inside.

Phillips says although it’s not uncommon for this river to flood, in his 20 years with the department this is the first death he’s heard of on this creek.

“This is the second time this year this has flooded. In the history I’ve been with the department this is the first fatality that I know of from a drowning on this creek," Phillips said.

Childers says he hopes people take flooded road ways more seriously.

“I just think people need to turn around, if there’s water on the roadway. There’s alternate routes. Nothing is that important to risk your life to go across water.”

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