Indian Creek Greenway floods

Indian Creek Greenway floods

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A handful of people tried to go on walks at the Indian Creek Greenway Monday, and all had to turn around.

The nearby creek flooded, turning Creekwood Park into a pond.

Runner Bill McIlwain braved the greenway, but it was short-lived.

“Oh I wasn’t about to go through that. (laughs) That’s a little deep down there, I don’t have my wading shoes nor my swim trunks either so I figured nah I’d stay dry today,” he said.

Park goer Troy Moseley said he and his family sought out the park for the entertainment of wet playground.

“Anytime they can get covered in mud, that’s the best. That’s always the best. Hey some states get snow, we get floods, woo!" he said.

“Every single time it rains real hard, the kids start begging, can we go drive the park? Can we see the park? Can we see the park?”

He called it a family tradition.

The city of Madison helped develop the trail and said the greenway is doing what it’s designed to do, a buffer to keep homes from flooding.

Mayor Paul Finley said the city is looking to expand its greenway system.

“We use those greenways and the open spaces of those greenways, to move the water more effectively when it does get over the banks," he said.

The water is expected to recede in the next day or so.

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