Leaking freezers and a poison problem: Your December 20th, 2019 Kitchen Cops Report

Updated: Dec. 20, 2019 at 4:53 AM CST
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - A potentially dangerous situation was averted at a Scottsboro restaurant recently, according to the Jackson County Health Department. Inspectors visited the Tokyo Japan Hibachi and Sushi in mid-November and found rat bait in a clear container. The owner said it was for insects, but when the inspector asked an employee he said it “might be some kind of Chinese food”. The bait was thrown away. On top of this, a cutting board was being stored in the mop sink. Tokyo in Scottsboro was hit with an 83 score.

Elsewhere in Jackson County, the Huddle House on County Park Road scored an 86 due to multiple food temperature issues.

The kitchens at the Highlands Medical Center also were on the low end of the inspection list with an 87 due to a missing dishwasher thermometer and test strips and employees missing safety sanitation courses.

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Two restaurants in Sheffield were both written up for leaks in their freezers dripping on food. The Cajun’s Seafood was scored a 91 and the McDonald’s on Jackson Highway got an 86 because it also had mold in the drive-thru soda fountains.

There were multiple problems in Russellville. First, the Waffle House on Highway 43 gets an 84 because of improper chemical storage and a dishwasher not reaching proper sanitizing temperature. The Bojangles just up the road had broken broken wires on it’s fryer basket and foods at the wrong temperature. It’s also given an 84 score. CJ’s Grocery on Highway 187 also scores an 84 It was written up for improper chemical storage and food temperature problems.

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The Sonic on Highway 72 and Hughes Road in Madison set the low mark in Madison County this week with a 73. The Kitchen Cops say they saw an employee touching burgers and cheese with bare hands.

The Dickey’s Barbecue on Governor’s West scored an 82 because of several foods at the wrong temperature.

Grille 29 in Providence gets an 83 because of problems with the hot water and a dirty ice machine.

Last week, we told you about three problem spots at Bridge Street. This week, we add two more to that list. Kona Grill gets an 86 because of multiple foods at the wrong temperature. Bravo Cucina Italiana is hit with an 87 due to food temperature problems and utensils and plates that had food residue on them.

There were also dirty plates at the Cracker Barrel on Cleghorn Boulevard in Madison. It scored a 90. Popeye’s in Gurley got an 88, also because of dirty dishes. And inspectors found roaches at Regency Retirement Village. It scores an 86.

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In Limestone County, the Nayah BP Station on Upper Elkton Road is back on the low performers list. In June, we told you that it was given a 78 for flies and dirty drink nozzles. The score is even lower this time. It was given a 73 due to a sewage system failure, cross contamination between raw meat and ready to eat foods and an employee touching lettuce bare handed.

The Greenbrier Restaurant on Old Highway 20 got a surprise visit from the health department after customer complaints. The inspectors found rodents, insects and other pests. Because this wasn’t a regularly scheduled inspection, there was no new score given. According to records, the most recent score for Greenbrier was an 85 given in late September.

The Hard Dock Cafe in the middle of the Tennessee River on Highway 31 was given an 86 due to date marking issues and a damaged mixing bowl.

In Morgan County, Las Vias Mexican Grill on the Beltline has an 83. The Kitchen Cops found several food temperature problems.

The Quick Serve on Old Moulton Road also gets an 83 because of missing soap in the rest room, improper chemical storage and unapproved pesticides being used.

Last week, we told you about two McDonald’s in Decatur that were having problems. When we posted the story on social media, several people asked us about the McDonald’s on Highway 20. This week, that location did have it’s inspection and scored an 86. Inspectors noted cheese without a timestamp and whipped topping at the wrong temperature.

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