BBB warning people about puppy scams

BBB warns about Puppy scheme

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Few things tug at our heartstrings more than an adorable puppy, but the Better Business Bureau says that a scheme that uses pups to lure people in, is starting back up.

If you see someone advertising a pet on the internet, there is a chance it’s not real.

This is how the so-called puppy scheme works.

You find a dog or pet on the internet that is for sale.

Sometimes the person claims to be a breeder. Other times they go as far as to claim they are a distraught pet owner, who has to find a new home for their dog.

They’ll ask you to wire money and promise to send you the dog, but then the dog never arrives.

“There is always a problem in shipping. That the airline has come back to say they need a special crate. Or it needs special insurance, or it needs special vaccinations before they’ll accept it. So there is always a reason for the scammer to ask for more money,” said David Smitherman, Better Business Bureau serving Central and South Alabama.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Here’s some Ideas from the Better Business Bureau

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