Triple trouble at Bridge Street and no love at two Decatur McDonald’s: Your December 13th Kitchen Cops report

Madsion County Kitchen Cops December 13th 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There are a lot of major names at the bottom of this week’s Kitchen Cops reports from across north Alabama.


In Madison County, three hot spots at Bridge Street at near the bottom of the score sheet, and inspectors were called for an emergency visit to a fourth.

Bar Louie has made multiple appearances on our Kitchen Cops segments in 2019, being written up for everything from roaches to mold on fruit. This time, it scores an 84 because of dirty dishes, foods at the wrong temperature and a cracked food storage bin.

Connor’s Steak and Seafood gets an 85 because of dirty dishes as well. And rounding out the Bridge Street trifecta is BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. It gets an 80. Again, the problem is dirty dishes, but BJ’s also had food temperature problems with chicken and cheese.

The Kitchen Cops had to make an emergency inspection at PF Chang’s this week as well. Customer complaints led them to finding a bird in the building. It had to be removed. The inspectors did not give the restaurant a new score for this visit.

Elsewhere in Madison County, two locations were warned that their licenses could be suspended without immediate improvements. Baumhower’s Victory Grille on South Parkway was issued it’s warning after an 85 score due to multiple food temperature problems. The Chevron market at 285 Pratt Avenue in Huntsville has the lowest score of the week with a 74. Inspectors issued it an notice to suspend operations because of a dirty ice machine and food without expiration dates.

These are just a handful of this week’s trouble spots in Madison County, you can see the full list of scores and inspection reports at the bottom of this story.


In Morgan County, the Kitchen Cops are not “Lovin’ It” at two Decatur McDonald’s locations. The restaurant at 6th Avenue and 8th Street was given an 86 for a broken soap dispenser and food temperature problems. The McDonald’s on Danville Road gets an 83 because of a worker not washing contaminated hands before preparing food.

The Asian Buffet in Hartselle also had food temperature issues and badly damaged equipment in the kitchen. It also gets an 83.

Also in Hartselle, the Bentley’s on Main Street had a broken thermometer and missing dates on some foods, giving it an 86.

There were two significant problems at Priceville Jr. High. The Kitchen Cops found mold in the ice machine and not enough sanitizer in the sink. It manages to get a 93.

In Limestone County, the Hardee’s at Highway 72 and I-65 had a dirty soda machine and gets a 90. The Samurai Steakhouse down the road also had a dirty soda machine and scored an 87.

Kim’s Tiger Mart in Ardmore had food temperature issues and was given an 88.


The Krispy Kreame on Cox Creek Parkway is written up for pests in the prep area. Inspectors wouldn’t say what kind of pests were found, but the score takes a hit and comes in at 90.

Sam’s on Serville Street also scores a 90 because of dirty knives.

The lowest score in Lauderdale County is the Chili’s on Cox Creek Parkway with an 85 because of hot water issues and missing sanitizer.

The Jack’s in Red Bay scores an 87 because of mold in soda nozzles.

The Legend’s Steakhouse in Florence gets a 90 for unlabeled chemicals.

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