Florida family fights porch pirates with dirty diapers

TAMPA, Fla. (WFTS/CNN) – A Florida baby helped her family provide a gift that’s way worse than coal in a stocking.

Nine-month-old Nora is the star of the show in the Saleep household. She’s also the reason porch pirates might think twice from now on.

Nora’s parents, Sharly and Jacky Saleep, said they decided to take matters into their own hands after they noticed packages missing.

They installed a surveillance camera, then put out a decoy package filled with three-day-old dirty diapers.

"I wanted them to get a taste of their own medicine," Sharly Saleep said.

The couple said they believe someone took the package a few hours after they placed it outside. Their surveillance camera captured someone run up to the front door and quickly run away.

The family also filed a report with the Tampa Police Department.

"Whoever these porch pirates were, they fell for it," said Tampa Police Officer Sarah Michelson.

"It is that time of year where you do unfortunately start to get a lot more of these cases.”

But the department said package thefts are down across Tampa this year, from 25 in November 2018 to 10 in November 2019.

"Residents are a lot more aware of what's going on," Michelson said.

The Saleep family said they later discovered the packages they originally noticed missing had actually been delivered to the wrong address.

They said they plan to tell Nora about the whole situation when she’s older.

"Just tell her it's not right to take other people’s things, and just be careful because it might not be what you're expecting when you open it up," Jacky Saleep said.

It’s a lesson they may not be done teaching just yet.

"We're going to have an upgrade, like cat litter now," Sharly Saleep said.

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