Alabama Quarterback talks about his recovery and whether or not he’s going to the NFL

Tua Tagovailoa talks to reporters Thursday
Tua Tagovailoa talks to reporters Thursday
Updated: Dec. 5, 2019 at 8:16 PM CST
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tua Tagovailoa walked into the Naylor Stone Media Room at the University of Alabama on crutches. But he told reporters he’s really leaning on his faith when it comes to recovering from his injury and where he’ll be playing football in 2020.

“Well this will probably be the most important decision of my life,” the junior quarterback explained.

Doctors, his parents and family and Coach Nick Saban will all play a role, in helping the injured quarterback make a decision about his future. Tua stared rehab in Birmingham Wednesday and he’s also getting treatment in Tuscaloosa. He added he’s trusting in the Lord, who he called the best doctor for him.

“I mean I felt like this is something that is bigger than me. I feel like I’m still able to come back %100 and be able to play to the capability that I know I’m able to play at,” The Bama QB said.

Tua did say he doesn’t think he’ll be the same quarterback he was before suffering a dislocated hip against Mississippi State. There’s now less inward rotation when turning his hips and metal inside of him as he put it. He plans on spending time with those closest to him when it comes reaching a decision on his football future.

“At the end of day, the decision comes down to me, whether it’s right for me to stay, right for me to go,” he concluded. Tua has more than a month and a half to think about what he will do regarding going to the NFL.

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