’Dizzy’ Florida man launches car into dealership, deputies say

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. (WFTS/CNN) - Cameras captured the moment a car went flying over a row of cars and into a Florida dealership.

Three angles show the same car flying onto the lot, narrowly missing a bystander.

Bruce Azevedo, the sales manager at Crystal Ford Lincoln, narrated the aftermath, still shocked that no one on the lot was hurt.

“We had customers that were over here to the right,” Azevedo demonstrated, “some customers that were behind me and some customers also over here to the left.”

At 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, the driver told Citrus County deputies he got dizzy and drove off U.S. 19 in Crystal River, hitting the embankment at full speed in the perfect spot to send his car flying.

"Twelve cars, he cleared," Azevedo said.

The car traveled 139 feet in the air, but it was the last two feet that mattered most. Those two feet meant the difference between the car landing on top of an employee and killing him.

"I'd hate for that to be the way to go, you know?" employee David Jones said.

Jones isn’t the employee in the video, but he was close enough, standing at the entrance near a Lincoln Navigator that had been traded in just seconds before it got smashed.

“You really can’t comprehend what’s happening because it was so bizarre. I mean, you’re looking at the underbody or a car as its flying past you,” Jones explained. “I mean, I watched the video of it I can’t even tell you how many times, just thinking of it again and again, like, that was it.”

Azevedo doesn't have a damage estimate but it will be tens of thousands of dollars. Even so, none of that matters

"Like I said, it was a Christmas miracle here at Crystal Ford Lincoln," Azevedo said.

Four cars ended up getting hit.

The driver received medical treatment, but miraculously no one else was hurt.

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