Drivers taking advantage of low gas prices around the holiday

Drivers taking advantage of low gas prices around the holiday
(Source: WMBF)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This Thanksgiving, drivers in Alabama can be thankful for gas prices around twenty cents below average.

AAA predicts people will travel at least fifty miles away from home this Thanksgiving. Darryl Johnson, of Birmingham, and his family are traveling 100 miles north into Madison county.

Johnson says that his family would have stayed home to celebrate the holiday. But this special getaway is due in part to some of the least expensive gas in town.

“I love saving money. Even when I’m in town I’m trying to find the best price,” he said

Lawrence Geter of Adamsville agrees

“I see a lot of people on the road, just going by and by. Just being happy on the road knowing it’s not over extending their budget,” he said

Gas prices are predicted to be the highest in five years. But not in Alabama. The price of regular unleaded is about $2.27, that’s more than twenty cents below the national average.

Geter is an avid shopper. With Black Friday approaching, he plans to hit the stores, and does not mind the driving.

“We’re on a great economy now. Very great. So I believe its great to go out and go ahead and get what you want. Especially with the gas you have. I just hope that everybody will be safe on the road.”

Geter is going to visit family for the holiday. He says he did expect that the gas prices would have been higher today. But with the low prices, it leaves more money for him to shop with.

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