Psychotherapist talks how to help friends and family with holiday depression

Psychotherapist talks how to help friends and family with holiday depression

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - As many of us enjoy the holiday season with friends and family, there are a lot of people struggling during one of the most joyful times of the year.

Psychotherapist Monretta Vega from Huntsville Psychotherapy and Counseling Services says holiday depression is a very real thing that needs attention.

Vega said it is really important for people to keep an eye on friends and family, because holiday depression can come from many different places.

For some people, they may be far from home this holiday season. Watching everyone else enjoy time with family when you can not be with your’s can be difficult.

Others may be going through the first holiday season since a loved one has died. Traditions passed down for years can seem entirely different without that loved one.

Vega said the most simple way to help someone who might be struggling is to reach out.

“You want to invite them over, you want to be supportive, you want to try and engage them to the best of your ability,” Vega said. "You want to be mindful, too, that they may not have that family so it’s important to embrace what we do have versus what we don’t.”

Vega said look for people with less energy, not wanting to participate in events or isolating themselves. These are signs of holiday depression.

She also said you don’t have to stick with the all of your traditions, feel free to break them and do something different. Anything that can help you enjoy the holiday season.

If you notice holiday depression in yourself Vega says it’s important to talk to someone and communicate how you are feeling. She said embrace what you do have around you, not what you don’t.

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