Huntsville man sentenced after pulling gun at immigration rally; emcee says sentence doesn’t address the issue

Updated: Nov. 22, 2019 at 1:10 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A year and a half long court saga at an end.

On Nov. 14, Huntsville resident Shane Sealy pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm at a public demonstration.

Video shows Sealy pulling a gun at a June 2018 immigration rally after bumping into an attendee.

He did not point the gun, and was arrested by Huntsville Police in the moments following.

The rally, organized in part by The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice, protested federal policy of separating families at the southern border.

Madison County Judge Donna Pate sentenced Shane Sealy to a year of supervised probation, a $500 fine and required Sealy must complete a gun safety course prior to re-applying for a gun permit.

If he violates his probation, he will be sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Rally emcee Ava Caldwell said she thinks the sentence fits the crime, but the gun safety course does not address the root of the issue.

“I have a problem with that, because I don’t think it was that Shane Sealy didn’t properly know how to use a gun that led to the situation we were in that day," she said.

"I believe that he either has anger issues, possibly mental health issues. Something else that needs to be addressed if he is ever able to own a gun again.”

She said she did speak with the Huntsville City prosecutor Elizabeth Dawkins about the deal, but it ultimately fell to Dawkins on the specifics of the deal.

Sealy was originally found guilty of two more severe charges, but successfully appealed.

The case was left open to be tried again, and Sealy plead guilty to the gun possession charge.

Caldwell said the impact of his actions is lingering.

“One of the ladies who was there with her child said they are still having emotional issues based on this about being out in crowds and being out in public,” she said.

Sealy’s defense attorney Joshua Graff has not yet returned a request for comment.

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