Decatur students help out girl with sickle cell disease

Dozens of high schooler’s donated blood today for people who need it most

Decatur students help out girl with sickle cell disease

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - You’re born with it. You don’t catch it.

That’s what 15-year-old Bolu Fawole wants people to know about sickle cell anemia.

“People don’t really know about sickle cell, they think it’s just a thing that African-Americans get," Fawole said.

Fawole suffered a stroke when she was 3 years old, resulting in her being in physical therapy for years.

For the last five years, every four weeks Fawole travels to Birmingham for blood transfusions.

Wednesday, Decatur High School students put on a blood drive to collect blood for people just like their classmate.

“Being able to help her with the sickle cell and her being able to live her life and being able to do everything else everyone gets to do with her disease. I just thought it was a good cause to do that," Junior Decatur High student Abigail Alderson said.

Alderson says this is her first time donating blood.

“Knowing that it’s going to help millions of people or people who have to get blood transfusions, and your blood can help them. Even your platelets or plasma," Alderson explained.

Dozens of students donated today in honor of one of their classmates.

“It’s amazing that y’all came out to support the disease and giving your blood to people that can’t give it and stuff," Fawole said.

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