Veteran memorial stolen from homeowners front yard in Madison

An 80 pound statue ripped out of the ground.
An 80 pound statue ripped out of the ground.(Source: WAFF)
Published: Nov. 17, 2019 at 8:28 PM CST
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MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - An 80 pound statue ripped out of the ground! WAFF 48 talked exclusively with Terrance and Shaunda Dailey who says they want to know who stole it and why.

The Dailey’s served our country and take pride in their sacrifice.

“I did 14 years in the Army. I did 2 tours to Iraq,” said Terrance Dailey.

Five years ago they built a veterans memorial in the front of their home, but now all that remains from one of the statues is an imprint in the grass.

Saturday they noticed the heavy statue with a solider and a dog was missing.

“I almost just lost my breath because it just shocked me the fact a soldiers memorial was stolen. I mean what type of person steals a memorial that represents the United States of America,” said Terrance Dailey.

“It’s more so what the statue represents. My husband is the type of person that he would have gotten the person a statue if it was that important for them to have one,” said Shaunda Dailey.

The Dailey’s have a heritage of service with family members fighting for our country in several battles, conflicts, even during World War II.

The memorial is not only to honor their sacrifice, but to honor everyone who has worn a military uniform.

“It represents the people who have gone before me and it touches me every time I drive by. I’ve also seen people stop and take pictures of it,” said Terrance Dailey.

The Dailey’s hope whoever took their veterans memorial, will return the statue and place it in the grass where it belongs. Until then, the hole will remain as will the one in their heart.

If you know where the veterans memorial is, you’re asked to return it, no questions asked.

The Dailey’s also say if no one returns it, they’re going to call the police.

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