Trash Pandas announce stadium completion date, mascot name voting

Trash Pandas announce stadium completion date, mascot name voting

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - If you’re creative, the owners of the Trash Pandas baseball team want your help picking a name for the mascot. The deadline is Nov. 22.

The first game at Toyota Field isn’t until the middle of April, but Toyota Field is scheduled to be complete by Jan 20.

The scoreboard will be installed next week, the Bermuda grass may not be green anymore because of the seasonal change, but construction crews are working on the finishing touches.

"The railings are in the ball park. A lot of the structure is done, or most of the structure is done so it's really just the finishing touches that are going on now," said CEO Ralph Nelson.

With the home of the Trash Pandas moving along, Nelson wants you to help name the mascot.

“Our community picked the name of the Trash Pandas and they did the greatest job ever. I mean it’s the number one team all over the country, so I think the people here are so creative I wanted to give them a shot at the mascot, so we put 6 names on line we also have a space for write ins and we’re taking them in and looking at them and by the end of the week we’ll know exactly what the mascots name will be,” said Nelson.

If you want to vote on the mascot’s name, use this link.

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