Madison County noise ordinance pushed back to January

Madison County noise ordinance pushed back to January

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There’s a delay in the start date for Madison County’s new noise ordinance. The ordinance impacts home and business owners outside Huntsville city limits.

The ordinance was supposed to take effect Dec. 1, but now you need to mark your calendar for Jan. 15.

The commissioners pushed it back at the request of the county attorney who said it would take several weeks to finalize the plan and get it enforced.

Members of the Madison County Commission also expanded the noise ordinance on Wednesday to include airplanes and helicopters and the noise levels of explosions.

Ever since the noise ordinance was passed by the commissioners last month one big unsolved issue is who would enforce the noise ordinance and how. Chairman Dale Strong says he’s looking at the sheriff’s office to step up.

"I don't support the county administrator being a law enforcement officer, so we'll be working with the Sheriff of Madison County to find solutions to that, but again just being sure that the commission and the people are able to have input and I think the commission has done a good job of that. It's a state law and what we're trying to do is to be fair,” said Strong.

Last November more than 60 percent of voters in Madison County who live outside of the city limits voted for a noise ordinance and the law will now go into effect an. 15.

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