Rodents, roaches and bare hands on ice: Your November 8th Kitchen Cops Report

Marshall County Kitchen Cops - November 8th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It was a week of middling scores for the Kitchen Cops all around north Alabama. Only a few places had truly terrible scores, but there weren’t very many 100′s to brag about either.


We’ll start in Marshall County. The Health Department there sent us their full report from the entire month of October and there were a lot of problems to dive into.

The lowest score of the month belongs to the Almolongo Market in Boaz. It scored a 63. Inspectors found chemicals stored with foods, a dirty ice maker, food temperature problems and missing safety paperwork.

The Arab’s Kid’s Kollege gets a 78 because of roaches near an oven and undated foods.

The Double Bridges Grocery in Boaz is hit with a 71 because of dirty soda nozzles, unlabeled cleaners and chicken at the wrong temperature.

In Guntersville, Cabo Mexican gets an 84 because of mold in the ice machine.

The Kitchen Cops found a triple-helping of rodents in Marshall County in October. The Fire Grill 321 in Arab, Rite Value Conoco in Guntersville and Backwoods Grocery in Swearengin all had signs of rodent activity. The Fire Grill also had issues with an employee touching ice with their bare hands and missing sanitizer in the dishwasher. It got a 71. The Conoco was also written up for a miscalibrated thermometer and scored a 76. The grocery store got an 87 and also had chemicals improperly stored.

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Limestone & Morgan County Kitchen Cops November 8 2019


In Limestone County, the Greenbrier Fuel City on Swancott Road had the lowest score of the week with a 79 because of cracked mixing bowls, dirty soda nozzles and food temperature issues.

There were broken knives and a dirty ice maker at the Saffron on County Line Road. It’s score was an 85.

The D-One Chevron on Elm Street in Athens gets an 88 because of insect chemicals being stored improperly.

In Morgan County, the Asian Buffet in Hartselle is hit with a 78 because of multiple food temperature problems.

The Dari-Delite on Highway 31 in Hartselle gets an 85 because of roaches and improper chemical storage.

The Wendy’s on the Beltline also had chemical storage problems and is given an 88.

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Northwest Alabama Kitchen Cops November 8th, 2019


Things were mostly quiet in the Shoals this week. The A to Z Food Mart in Sheffield gets an 85 because of mold in the soda fountains, missing soap in the bathroom and signs of rodent activity.

The Taco Mama in Florence gets an 88 because of an employee not washing hands.


The Dairy Queen on Highway 72 and Nance Road in Madison is the lowest performer of the week in Madison County with a 75. It was written up for multiple food temperature problems, a dirty ice machine, a dirty soda machine and water that wasn’t getting hot enough.

The Hardees at Nick Fitcherd and Highway 53 gets an 82 because of food temperature issues.

The Kitchen Cops do not love what’s going on at “I Love Korea” on Jordan Lane. It gets an 83 because of an employee handling sushi bare handed and not washing their hands after handling raw seafood.

The Mandarin House Buffet in Hampton Cove loses points because of a dirty ice machine and scores an 85.

Cookout on Sparkman Drive scores an 89 because of flies in the kitchen and raw bacon sitting out by the grill.


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