State attacks Limestone County sheriff’s case dismissal request

State attacks Limestone County sheriff’s case dismissal request

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - The Alabama attorney general has responded to a request from Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely’s lawyers.

Blakely is facing 13 counts of ethics and theft charges on accusations of stealing from his campaign fund and the sheriff’s office pistol permit fund.

Last month, Blakely’s attorneys filed motions calling the ethics-related charges too vague, and as a result, requested all of Blakely’s charges to be dismissed.

According to our news partners at the New Courier, Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office’s response reads: “Given this fact, this Court should not read Blakely’s motion as challenging the seven counts he faces for stealing from his campaign, from the Sheriff’s Office he leads, and from the people of Limestone County."

The statement goes on to call the motions self-serving and says they haven’t worked before, and shouldn’t work now.

Blakely’s arraignment is set for next Tuesday afternoon.

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