Checkered inspection for Huntsville fast food joint: Your November 1st, 2019 Kitchen Cops Report

Published: Nov. 1, 2019 at 11:27 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A popular fast food spot on University Drive in Huntsville has the lowest score in Madison County in this week’s Kitchen Cops report.

The Checkers at University and Jordan is hit with a 75 score for foods at the wrong temperature, a dirty ice chute, missing test strips and a chemical spray bottle that was reportedly pointed at ice cream cones! All of those problems have been fixed according to the Madison County Health Department, but the 75 score stands. We’ll look for an updated score from a follow up inspection over the next couple of weeks.

Elsewhere in Madison County, the Viet Huong on Old Monrovia Road gets a 78 after inspectors saw employees adding ingredients to meals bare handed right before they were served. There was also a problem with items blocking a sink.

The Dairy Queen on University Drive gets an 85 because of a dirty ice chute and foods at the wrong temperature. There was also no one on site supervising the crew at the time of the inspection according to the report.

The HG Country Food Mart in Hazel Green also made the trouble spots list with a 85 for missing paper towels and soap at sinks, food temperature problems and flies in the kitchen.

Moving on to Jackson County - the Kudzu Cafe in Scottsboro got an 83 with a miscalibrated food thermometer and missing paper towels.

The Jack’s in Section gets an 87 because of food temperature problems and missing paperwork.

The Popeye’s in Scottsboro was on it’s way to a great score, but lost points because inspectors saw what they called “nasty water” and grease by the dumpster. It gets a 91.

More scores and notes below this video:


There were no serious problems in Colbert County. In fact, they put several businesses on our top performers list. That includes three spots who each scored a 98: Mama Goldberg’s in Muscle Shoals, the Colbert Cafe in Tuscumbia and the Southern Barbeque in Sheffield.

In Franklin County, only one problem to note - The Gas Mart on Highway 24 in Russellville gets an 87 because of mold in soda nozzles, foods at the wrong temperature and dishes not being sanitized.

In Lauderdale County, the D&D Market on County Road 14 has the lowest score with an 85. It had problems with foods at the wrong temperature.

The Florence Food Center on West College Street was only a single point above D&D with an 86. The Kitchen Cops wronte them up for a dirty meat saw.


Mike’s Food Mart on Highway 72 in Athens was the lowest performer in Limestone County with an 82. There was a dirty can opener and missing food safety program.

Mildred’s of Ardmore gets and 87 because of cracked bowls in the kitchen.

Jiffy Foods on Market Street in Athens gets an 89 because of broken knives.

In Morgan County, the Marathon on Highway 20 at Highway 67 gets an 87 because of missing safety test gear.

Taqueria Guerrero in Hartselle is scored at 89 because of missing dates on some foods.

The lowest score in Morgan County belongs to La Monarca on Spring Avenue in Decatur, which got an 84 because of food temperature problems.

See the full, unedited scores and inspection notes below:

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