Homeowners worried speeders may cause another fatal crash on Hobbs Island Road

Homeowners worried speeders may cause another fatal crash on Hobbs Island Road

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Homeowners on Hobbs Island Road in south Huntsville say they are fed up with speeders constantly zipping down their road. As one of the official detours in the Cecil Ashburn Drive closure, they’ve seen an increase in traffic within the last few months.

“At anytime you can see people doing well over 50, sometimes 70 or higher, I’ve seen," explained Teresa Davis.

Davis lives in Madison County. “They’ll start speeding up and then pass people through this slow area. I guess it’s their last area to pass."

If you drive South a few feet, you approach Raoul Peeden’s home in Huntsville city limits. “When they leave the railroad tracks they’ll speed up, especially when there is no one in front of them," said Peeden.

The solution neighbors have come up with is simple to them: speed bumps or a radar sign to alert drivers of how fast they’re going.

Confusion has mounted in the area as to which law enforcement jurisdiction patrols the area. Portions of the roadway are split between Huntsville city and Madison County.

Officials with both agencies say they have and will continue to beef up patrols in the area. Additionally, no matter what agency responds along the roadway appropriate citations can be issued.

Residents say what sparked this latest push was last week’s deadly crash right at the intersection of Hobbs Island Road and Memorial Parkway. A 26-year-old man lost his life when a dump truck collided with his car.

Regardless, residents are hoping to see results soon before someone else is killed.

“I have grand-kids and my family comes here," stated Davis. "You have to protect them. There is no sense in driving like this.”

“I love living down here but I look and wonder if somebody will come into my porch one day," questioned Peeden.

Chief Deputy Stacy Bates with the sheriff’s office says they have communicated directly with residents and will continue that conversation down the road.

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