Limestone County animal shelter seeing influx of malnourished dogs

Limestone County animal shelter seeing influx of malnourished dogs

ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - The Athens Limestone County Animal Shelter wants the community to take action. This week alone, the shelter has received more than half a dozen malnourished dogs.

A number of those animals were simply dropped off.

One male pit bull was turned into the shelter this week weighing nearly 15 pounds less than he should. And he’s not the only one.

Shelter volunteer Tricia McCurrie says there’s a huge overbreeding problem across the county.

“It absolutely stems from overbreeding. They can’t get rid of the puppies. They can’t sell them for what they thought they could sell them for, so they don’t become desirable or moneymakers anymore, so they just dump them," she said.

McCurrie says the shelter works to give the malnourished dogs high-protein meals and supplements to ensure weight gain.

However, she says the additional problems happen when people just abandon their dogs.

While the shelter can only help so much, McCurrie is asking the community to stop releasing dogs and causing this overwhelming population of malnourished animals in northwest Alabama.

The shelter volunteers want local leaders in Limestone County to pass stricter rules and fines for people who abandon malnourished animals.

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