Dirty Dishes and Jailhouse Problems - Your October 4th, 2019 Kitchen Cops Report

Madison County Kitchen Cops - October 4th, 2019

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Kitchen Cops across the Tennessee Valley kept finding dirty dishes during this week’s inspection rounds. The problem popped up at Twin Peaks on University Drive in Huntsville - which got an 83 and was also written up for moldy cheese in the fridge and hot water turned off at a sink - and the Waffle House on Highway 53, which got an 85.

Another spot with the problem is La Cabana in Russellville. It has the lowest score in the Valley this week - a 72. It lost points because of dishes in the handwashing sink, dishes not being sanitized, personal drinks in the food prep area and foods at the wrong temperature.

The Madison County Jail didn’t get a score, but an inspection this week found multiple problems. There were foods at the wrong temperature, cracked food containers, dirty can openers, dishwashers and sinks without enough hot water and unlabeled chemicals in the kitchen.

Elsewhere in Madison County, the Jac’s Barbecue on Pulaski Pike gets an 81 due to a malfunctioning thermometer and food temperature problems. The Cheddars on University Drive gets an 87 because of a dirty ice machine. The same problem down the road at the Hooters earns them an 83. And the lowest score in Madison County this week belongs to the Marathon at University and Henderson. It gets a 77 because of dirty soda nozzles, a broken sink and insects in the building.

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Limestone / Morgan Kitchen Cops October 4th 2019

The Hard Dock Cafe on Highway 31 was the lowest score in Limestone or Morgan County this week. It gets a 77 because of damaged fryer baskets, unlabeled chemical spray bottles, dirty drink nozzles and missing chemical strips. The Canebrake Club is only one point higher with a 78 because of a dirty ice machine and can opener, unlabeled chemicals and foods at the wrong temperature.

Two Captain D’s made the Trouble Spots list this week. The Highway 31 location in Athens gets an 82 because of a cracked bucket and dirty drink nozzles. The Captain D’s on the Beltline in Decatur gets an 85 because of handwashing issues and missing safety equipment.

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Northwest Alabama Kitchen Cops - October 4th, 2019

Note: The Kitchen Cops would like to thank and salute Kent Holtsclaw. He’s been providing us with information from Limestone County and just retired after 25 years working with the state of Alabama.

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