Attorney calls alleged 15-year-old rape victim in Jacksonville case a ‘predator’

Defense attorney speaks on statutory rape case

JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - An attorney who represents one of the men charged in the JSU rape investigation has strong words concerning one of the victims in the case. Attorney Bill Broome calls her a “predator.”

Broome claims the 15-year-old girl portrayed herself as a 19-year-old on social media. Broome says the girl claimed she was a transfer student from the University of Wisconsin.

The attorney says he has spoken to several of the men charged in the case. He feels the girl should face reprocussions as well. He says she’s not innocent.

"You got a 15-year-old female predator who is on social media; Tinder, Facebook, representing herself in glamour shots we’ll call them, to be a 19-year-old. This is just wrong to label these young men as rapists and potentially have to register as sex offenders,” Broome said.

Broome also says the 15-year-old had a fake ID with her that showed she was 19. He says she knew class schedules and instructors’ names when she allegedly told the men what time she was getting out of class.

The only thing law enforcement has said about these cases is that they were not forcible rape.

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