U.S. attorney calling for community action against illegal drugs

U.S. attorney calling for community action against illegal drugs

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - U.S. Attorney Jay Town doesn’t mince words when challenging north Alabama to take on illegal drugs.

“What is the community doing to help us? If it’s all you can do, fine. If it’s not all you can do, then I think you need to try to do better because we should all be working together,” he said.

Town said national, state and local law enforcement officials are working together at a higher level to combat the illegal drug trade. He said the missing piece could be a little extra help from the community.

“Because of violence, it’s not an irrational thought that people just don’t want to get involved," he said.

"But I guess my message to the community, if there’s any time to get involved, it is right now. Every level of law enforcement is working with you and behind you and in front of you.”

He referenced Crime Stoppers as a way to anonymously help law enforcement combat drugs coming from the Sinaloa Valley to North Alabama’s streets.

When the drugs do make it through, HEMSI is on the front lines.

Last year HEMSI responded to 418 calls that required NARCAN.

So far this year, it's already responded to 387.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free Community reports there were 72 drug-related deaths in 2018.

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